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Ventura Divorce Mediation & Ventura Mediator
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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Barton Pokras: Ventura Divorce Mediator & Custody Mediator
Ventura Mediator Barton Pokras provides private mediation and affordable mediation services on family law matters to parents seeking an alternative means of conflict resolution often not provided through the traditional litigation process. Ventura mediator Barton Pokras provides mediation services as a form of alternative dispute resolution to clients seeking to resolve family law issues such as divorce and child custody and visitation issues.
Barton Pokras - Ventura Divorce Attorney, Ventura Divorce Lawyer, Ventura Family Lawyer, Child Custody Attorney
Barton Pokras - Ventura Divorce Mediator & Attorney
Barton Pokras focuses on the following family law matters:
Collaborative Law AttorneyVentura Divorce Mediation
Child Custody MediationDivorce Conflict Resolution
Stipulation of SettlementSeparation Agreement
Alternative Dispute ResolutionFamily Law Mediation
Ventura Divorce MediatorChild Custody Mediator
Barton Pokras is a Ventura divorce mediator providing family mediation, divorce mediation and child custody mediation services in Ventura County. The Law Offices of Barton Pokras uses a wide range of conflict resolution strategies to resolve sensitive family law matters. Barton Pokras focuses on maintaining healthy relationships and to protect the interests of children in the collaborative resolution of family problems.
Ventura County mediator Barton Pokras has over twenty years of family law experience assisting his clients in the mediation process to reach favorable solutions for themselves. With a broad and wide ranging background in the law of contracts and property, a Master of Laws in Taxation, and the long-term experience of being a husband, father, and grandfather, Barton Pokras is able to empathetically and professionally assist his clients in reaching favorable solutions through mediation -- a form of alternative dispute resolution.
Contact Ventura divorce mediator Barton Pokras today for a consultation on your family law matter and to see if divorce mediation is the right solution for your family (805) 477-0505.
Barton Pokras - Divorce Mediator & Family Lawyer
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The Law Offices of
Barton Pokras
1198 Navigator Drive
Suite 20
Ventura, CA 93001
Tel:(805) 477-0505
Fax:(805) 676-1481
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The Law Offices of Barton Pokras provides Ventura mediation services as an alternative dispute resolution of family law matters in Ventura County in Southern California. Ventura mediator Barton Pokras focuses on family law matters such as Divorce Mediation, Child Custody Mediation, Private Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Separation Agreement, Legal Separation, Child Custody, Visitation, Mediation, Child Support, Spousal Support, Alimony, before the Ventura County Superior Court.
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