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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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California Divorce Records > Orange County Divorce Records

Orange County Divorce Records - How to Request or Get Copies of Orange County Divorce Records from the Orange County County Superior Court

Orange County Divorce Lawyers - Orange County Divorce Records
Requesting copies of your Orange County Divorce Records for a divorce in Orange County California can be done through the Orange County Superior Court by mail, in-person or in some cases over the phone. According to the Orange County court website the fee for a copy is .50 cents per page and $15 for any document you need certified. Also, a valid photo identification is required in many cases to get copies of your divorce records.

Disclaimer: Before acting on any of the information provided on this page, please contact the Orange County court records department to get the most up-to-date information, costs, and how you should go about requesting copies of your records.

For more information from the Orange County court on "How to obtain documents in my file" go click here. You can contact the Orange County divorce records department as follows:

Superior Court of California County of Orange Family Law Division
341 The City Drive, Orange, CA 92863
Records (657) 622-6117

Orange County Divorce Records In Person Request
To obtain copies in person complete a Copy Request Form (available on our website) and visit the Family Law clerk’s office on the seventh floor of the Lamoreaux Justice Center. If your case was opened in 1997 or later, your file is available for viewing on computers in the clerk’s office lobby. For cases started in 1996 or before please submit your request by calling (714) 935-6292 and allow 4 business days for retrieval of the case file or microfiche. The court will contact you when the file is available for viewing. A valid photo identification is required. If a case is sealed by order of the court or if you are not a party to a Paternity case you will be required to obtain an order from the judge before you are able to view or obtain any copies.

Orange County Divorce Records by Mail
Divorce records can be requested via mail by sending a completed Copy Request Form to Superior Court of California, County of Orange, Family Law Division, 341 The City Drive, Orange, CA 92863, Attn: Records Department. Please include a postage paid, self addressed envelope for your copies to be returned to you and a check made payable to the Clerk of the Court. If you do not know the exact charge for the documents you are requesting, please write the amount as "Not to exceed fifty dollars" in the memo section of your check. The court will only charge applicable fees. Please allow ten business days for your request to be processed. Your copies will be returned to you by mail. For Paternity cases, a copy of valid photo identification with your written request is required.

Viewing Orange County Divorce Records Online
Information available on the Orange County court website is limited to what the California Rules of Court(CRC) 2.503 (b) and (c) and Family Code 7643 allow. This state rule prohibits the display of documents or document images on the Web for all family law case types. Parentage/Paternity case information is not available on the Web because Family Code 7643 considers it to be confidential. The Family Law Case Information Website contains limited information for family law cases.

The following case types may be available online: Divorces, Legal Separation, Nullity/Annulment, Domestic Violence, Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse, Child Support cases

The following cases are not available online: Paternity/parentage case information and documentsimages of documents.
How many years back does your Website go? Almost all cases from 1993 forward are on this website From 1992 and before, only a limited number of cases are availableIf you do not find the case you're looking for, please contact the Court.

To go to the Orange County court online Case Access page click here.
If you need legal advice or legal information about your Orange County divorce case you'd do well to consult with a Orange County divorce lawyer.
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