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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Child Support in California - California Child Support Guidelines, Child Support Lawyers, Child Support Attorneys

In California Child support is a financial obligation that the court orders one parent to pay the other parent each month to help support his/her children.
In California, a "guideline" is used for figuring out the monthly child support obligation that one parent may be ordered to pay the other. Either parent can request that the amount of child support be changed if there is a change in circumstance by either party. Additionally, when child support is awarded, the child support payments can be enforced by the court.

According to California Family Code § 4050, "In adopting the statewide uniform guideline provided in this article, it is the intention of the Legislature to ensure that this state remains in compliance with federal regulations for child support guidelines." Further, according to California Family Code § 4052, "The court shall adhere to the statewide uniform guideline and may depart from the guideline only in the special circumstances set forth in this article." California Family Code § 4055, defines the statewide uniform guideline forumula for determining child support orders.

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More About Child Support in California Divorce
Whether you are the recipient of child support or you are ordered to pay child support, "child support" is an important legal terms that you should become familiar with. Having a general knowledge and awareness of common legal terms and with the help of an experienced family law attorney or divorce attorney, you can have greater assurance that you are doing what is necessary to protect your parental rights, parental responsibilities, and your relationship with your children. To present your case to Southern California divorce attorneys, divorce lawyers, and child custody attorneys in your area now, click here >>

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