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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Riverside Child Support Attorneys - Riverside Child Support Lawyers, Riverside County Child Support Attorney, Lawyer

Riverside child support attorneys and Riverside child support lawyers can help with child support questions and represent you in a child support hearing before the County of Riverside Superior Court. A Riverside child support attorney should be familiar with the child support process, child support calculation factors, and how to use the DissoMaster™ program to estimate child support payments. An Riverside child support attorney should understand statewide uniform guidelines for calculating child support in Riverside California and how California's child support law would apply to your situation.
Riverside Family Law Attorneys - Riverside Divorce Lawyers
Riverside Child Support Attorneys Can Help and Advise You on How Guideline Child Support is Calculated and Determined
Both parents are obligated under California law to provide financial support for their children. However, the reality is one parent is likely going to pay child support to the other parent. The two main factors for calculating child support are (1) the monthly income of each parent and (2) the percentage of actual time the child lives with each parent. Guideline child support payments are calculated using a standard mathematical formula established by California law. The formula takes into account the following:

• Monthly income of both parents
• Support payments (child or spousal support) received from other relationships
• Actual time child spends with each parent
• Number of biological children living in each parent's home
• Child support or spousal support payments paid to people not related to the current case
• Cost of health insurance
• Mandatory retirement contributions and union dues
• Child care expenses
Riverside Child Support Attorneys Can Help and Advise You on What the Court May Consider In Determining Monthly Income
The monthly income of both parents is taken into consideration in child support calculations. What qualifies as monthly income? The following are examples of what the court may take into consideration in trying to determine the income of both parents: Salaries, Wages, Tips, Commissions, Bonuses, Self employment earnings, Unemployment benefits, Disability, Workers' Compensation, Interest Dividends, Rental Income, Social security, Pensions, Other: i.e. lottery & prize winnings

Riverside Child Support Attorneys Should Be Familiar with Using the DissoMaster™ Program to Help Estimate Child Support Payments
The DissoMaster™ program has been used for over two decades by family law professionals, Riverside child support lawyers and the California judicial system including Riverside judges from the bench to calculate child support payments in Riverside, California. While Family Code Section 4055 (a) outlines the algebraic formula for determining statewide uniform guideline child support payments (CS = K (HN - (H%) (TN)), in actuality, guideline child support payments are typically determined using a program (ExSpouse, SupportTax, etc ) – but usually the DissoMaster™ program.

Riverside Child Support Attorneys Can Help You with California Child Support Law
California child support law can be found in the California Family Code Section 4050-4076. California has a statewide uniform guildeline for calculating child support. California Family Code Section 4050 states, "In adopting the statewide uniform guideline provided in this article, it is the intention of the Legislature to ensure that this state remains in compliance with federal regulations for child support guidelines." There are special circumstances that allows a court to depart from the statewide uniform guideline for child support that a Riverside child support attorney should be aware of and can inform you about. California Family Code Section 4052 states, "The court shall adhere to the statewide uniform guideline and may depart from the guideline only in the special circumstances set forth in this article." The principals the court must adhere to in implementing the statewide uniform guideline for child support calculation can be found in California Family Code Section 4053 (a)-(l).

Child support lawyers Riverside and child support attorneys Riverside can help with child support questions and issues with the Riverside Child Support Services Department. To serve parents and guardians in Riverside County California the Department of Riverside Child Support Services has office locations in Riverside, Blythe, Indio and San Jacinto California. The Riverside Child Support Services Department customer number is (866) 901-3212.

Below are child support issues a child support attorney may be able to help you with.

• Open a Riverside Child Support Case • California Child Support Laws
• Establish Riverside Child Support Order • Enforce Riverside Child Support Order
• Collecting Child Support Payments • Riverside County Child Support
• Locate the Parent • Establishing Paternity
• Arrears and Arrearages • Wage Garnishments
• Military Child Support Issues • Child Support Calculations
• Guideline Child Support Calculation • DissoMaster™ Program
• Computing Monthly Income • Child Support Payments
Riverside Child Support Services • Child Support Process
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